Audio: Sen. Karla Eslinger’s Podcast for Jan. 6

JEFFERSON CITY — State Sen. Karla Eslinger, R-Wasola, discusses opening of the 2022 legislative session, some of her priority legislation and other happenings around the 33rd Senatorial District.


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  1. Senator Eslinger says the 2022 legislative session started on Jan. 5
    Eslinger-1-010522  (:17)  Q: in the Capitol.
  2. Senator Eslinger adds Senate Bill 702 and Senate Bill 704 are among her priorities this session.
    Eslinger-2-010522  (:18)  Q: to be valued.
  3. Senator Eslinger also welcomes people to visit her at her Capitol office.
    Eslinger-3-010522  (:21)  Q: and head north.
  4. Senator Eslinger says she also worked on another project since last year.
    Eslinger-4-010522  (:15)  Q: brought us here.