Sen. Mike Cunningham’s Legislative Column for Dec. 19, 2019

Legislative Column for Dec. 19, 2019

Like most other Missourians my family and I are busy preparing for the Christmas holiday. Perhaps the best thing about Christmas is that it reminds us of what’s important in our lives. If your life is anything like mine, you rarely have time to slow down and take it all in. We race from place to place, and always there’s more to be done. Somehow, at Christmas, we find a way to put some of that aside and spend time with those we love.

Christmas is a time for families and friends. We connect during holiday celebrations and family get-togethers. We buy each other gifts, but what’s inside the wrapping isn’t really important. Our joy comes in the giving and the love we share.

Oh, sure, Christmas can be a hectic time. We’re on the go all the time. And then a song comes over the radio and a feeling of calm comes over us. “The hopes and fears of all the years are met in thee tonight,” come the reassuring words of “O, Little Town of Bethlehem.”

It doesn’t have to be that song. Everyone has their own favorites. When we hear the old familiar carols, our mind goes back to Christmas celebrations long ago and treasured moments with the people we love. We remember the birth of Christ and share in the love he brought to the world. The words of the angel ring true: peace on earth, and good will toward men.

As I look forward to my final year in the Missouri Legislature, I am grateful for all the support and encouragement I have received from you during my time in the General Assembly. I appreciate the thoughts, concerns, suggestions and criticisms you’ve shared over the years. The opportunity to serve you is truly a gift.

The rancor of the legislative session will begin soon enough. Lawmakers return to the Capitol on Jan. 8. Until then, my focus will be on the holidays. I hope each of you has a joyous Christmas. I wish you peace and prosperity in the coming year. If you are on the road, I wish you safe travels. Have a merry Christmas!

It is my great honor to represent the citizens of the 33rd Senatorial District. If there’s anything that I can do to assist you, please feel free to contact my Capitol office at (573) 751-1882.