Sen. Hegeman’s Weekly Column, for the Week of Sept. 30: Getting on Missouri’s No-Call List

As the number of cell phones grows, so does the amount of people who get calls from numbers they do not know, or those that just look suspicious. Fortunately, Missouri has a way to keep those unwanted calls from reaching us.

Many years ago, the first No-Call List was released. This list allows citizens of our state to sign up and keep calls the do not want to receive from happening at all, or the chance to report a scam if one of these calls does make it to their phone.

According to the Missouri attorney general’s office, there are more than 4 million phone lines currently registered on the No-Call List. It is simple to find out if you are already on this list, or register to be on it. You can also file complaints against telemarketers or get more information about the list itself by going to

This is one of the better services offered by our state government, and I highly recommend taking the time to check the list or register to be on it. It will make a big difference, especially when you are sitting down for dinner, which is usually when these types of calls occur.

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