Senate Interim Committee on Utility Regulation and Infrastructure Investment

Final Report of the Interim Committee on Utility Regulation and Infrastructure Investment

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Established pursuant to Senate Rule 31.
Senator Ryan Silvey resigned on January 4, 2018.


Day 1: 8-23-16
Infrastructure Cost Recovery Mechanisms: A National Overview
Regulatory and Ratemaking Responses to a Changing Gas Utility Industry
Eric Thornburg’s Testimony
James Owen’s Testimony
Tom Tanton’s Testimony

Day 2: 8-24-16
Alternative Regulation and Ratemaking Approaches for Water Companies
American Water Regulated Operations Presentation
Alternative Regulation for Evolving Utility Changes: An Updated Survey
Electric Rates Cases
Rate Stabilization Mechanisms for Natural Gas Utilities and Consumers
Caleb Arthur’s Testimony
David Owen’s Testimony
David Woodsmall’s Testimony
Erin O’Connell-Diaz’s Testimony
Natelle Dietrich’s Testimony
Thomas Byrne Before the PSC

Day 3: 10-25-16
A Continuum of Formula Rates
Less Friction, More Reward: Efficient Utility Regulation Responsive to Societal Priorities
Missouri is Falling Behind: How an Updated Regulatory Process Can Help Build a Smarter Engergy Grid, Better Serve Customers, and Hold Utilities Accountable
State Decoupling Policies Map
State Decoupling Chart
Substantive Difference between SCS/SB 1028 and SS/HCS/HB 2689: Ratemaking for Public Utilities
Summary of Staff’s Report to the Missouri Public Service Commission
The Case for Smart Grid
Richard Sedano Testimony

Other Testimony
Gas Distribution Infrastructure: Pipeline Replacement and Upgrades
Cheryl Cambell’s Testimony
Robert Powelson’s Testimony
Richard Sobolewski’s Testimony