Chappelle-Nadal’s Mission Statement

Mission Statement

I will continue to champion the interests of constituents residing in the 14th Senatorial District, including North St. Louis County and parts of Mid-County.  I will hold on to the democratic values we treasure when focusing on what is important to the district.  While my value-based advocacy may overlap into other areas from time to time, my staff and I will serve you and your family to the best of our abilities.

I remain dedicated to ensuring that Equality, Privacy and Democracy prevail.

In order to achieve this mission, my office will focus on these main objectives each year:

Represent the People of the 14th District & the Surrounding St. Louis Area:
To provide the best constituent services by working with local, state and federal agencies.  Our objective is to listen to your concerns and understand the challenges you face each and every day.  Our purpose is to make your life easier and to take away the bureaucratic barriers that sometimes exist.  On your behalf, I seek to build coalitions among all Missourians that will help move our state forward.  My mission as your state senator is to be your ADVOCATE, your VOICE, your RISK-TAKER and your NEGOTIATOR in the legislative process.  I don’t want to pretend for one moment that Jefferson City is an easy place to get around when the majority party is conservative and strict-constructionists.  That is why I want you to know that I also offer to you my COURAGE to stand for what I believe is just for all people.  Sometimes I will be the only voice to stand up and loudly speak out on controversial issues.  Sometimes the media will misrepresent my intentions and ideas.  But please always remember that our values will be brought forth in every action I take, whether it is popular or not.  You elected me as your state senator and I take this job seriously.

Improving Missouri’s Economy & Maintaining Fiscal Responsibility:
To ensure we improve Missouri’s economy by investing in a well-trained, well-educated and well-compensated workforce through job development, promoting opportunities for small businesses, rewarding entrepreneurship and applying smart incentives to attract businesses to our local communities.  I firmly believe that the utilization of technology in health care and education will increase efficiency and service delivery while driving down overhead costs to the state.

Strengthen Public Education, Health Care, Senior Citizen Programs and Protecting the Environment:
To accommodate a fair distribution of public funds to support the success and improved outcomes of students and teachers in the urban core, work to find access to quality, affordable health care for all Missourians, remain steadfast in creating safe and secure environments for our senior citizens, aggressively work to reduce our dependence on foreign oil and focus on our most readily available renewable resources.



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