New Audio Available from Sen. Ed Emery for the Week of Jan. 25: State of the Judiciary, Gubernatorial Appointments and SB 572

JEFFERSON CITY — State Sen. Ed Emery, R-Lamar, recently added a new audio link to his multimedia page, which is located on his Missouri Senate website. This page features audio and video links (both streaming and broadcast quality — when available) for visitors to listen to and watch Sen. Emery address issues that are important to him and the citizens of the 31st Senatorial District.

The new audio link includes Sen. Emery discussing his reaction to this week’s State of the Judiciary speech from Missouri’s chief justice, gubernatorial appointments and Senate Bill 572, which was passed by Missouri senators this week. The measure would modify provisions relating to municipal courts.


To download the audio (.mp3), please fight-click and select “Save Target As”:

Senator Emery says lawmakers heard the annual State of the Judiciary address from Missouri’s chief Supreme Court justice.  (:31)


Senator Emery also says the Missouri Senate Gubernatorial Appointments Committee heard several appointees that were made during the interim, which is the time between regular legislative sessions.  (:31)


Senator Emery adds Missouri senators have passed Senate Bill 572, which would modify provisions relating to municipal courts.  (:29)


Senator Emery says some people fear an over-regulation of Missouri towns through this type of legislation.  (:30)