Missouri State Senate
Bills sponsored by Senator Dolan

SB 1142 - Creates the "Disposition of Fetal Remains Act" and allows the state to issue certificates for stillborn children
SB 1143 - Creates crimes relating to motor vehicles
SB 1144 - Revises the law relating to disabled license plates and placards and the use of designated disabled parking spaces
SB 1182 - Prohibits conditioning the granting of permits or licenses upon billboard removal without just compensation
SB 1183 - Changes provisions about regulations governing the subdivision of land
SB 1233 - Creates license plates, revises law on salvage title, modifies towing law and modifies other motor vehicle laws
SB 1251 - Repeals mandatory inspections on certain vehicles and revises law regarding motor vehicle registration
SB 1260 - Permits law enforcement officers to enforce the seat belt law if violation is clearly visible
SB 1261 - Expands "occupational diseases" within Workers' Compensation
SB 1262 - Revises the law regarding salvage vehicles
SB 1263 - Revises the law regarding car rental insurance agreements
SB 1324 - Repeals the sovereign immunity waiver imposed on multi-state compact agencies agencies for proprietary functions
SB 1325 - Modifies the law relating to visitation rights for grandparents
SB 1326 - Prohibits some offenders from receiving suspended imposition of sentence in state, county, or municipal court
SB 1387 - Adds a voting student member to the Board of Regents, Governors, and Curators of Higher Education institutions
SB 1388 - Establishes the income tax claim of right doctrine as a credit
SB 1389 - Details conditions whereby a public higher education institution may require the use of a person's Soc. Sec. No.
SJR 044 - Revises the current transportation funding scheme with respect to various state agencies
HB 0946 - Makes changes to the Transportation Department, billboards, development districts and other transportation issues
HB 1029 - Designates a portion of Highway J in Lincoln County as the "Veterans Highway"
HB 1136 - Enacts the "Disposition of Fetal Remains Act"
HB 1284 - Revises the law regarding salvage vehicles
HB 1285 - Modifies law regarding auto insurance with respect to car rental companies and the Transportation Commission
HB 1407 - Creates an administrative system for adjudicating certain municipal code violations in St. Louis city
HB 1439 - Modifies process for selecting leadership positions on the Highways and Transportation Commission
HB 1504 - Modifies the method property values are determined when the Highways and Transportation Commission condemns property

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