SB 1251 Repeals mandatory inspections on certain vehicles and revises law regarding motor vehicle registration
LR Number:4125S.04I Fiscal Note:4125-04
Last Action:03/09/04 - Hearing Conducted S Transportation Committee Journal page:
Effective Date:Varies
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Current Bill Summary

SB 1251 - This act revises the law regarding motor vehicle registration fees, reissuance of license plates and repeals the motor vehicle inspection for certain vehicles.

HIGHWAY PATROL SAFETY FUND - This act establishes the Highway Patrol Safety Fund. The fund will be funded by moneys received from an annual $6 fee imposed on passenger motor vehicle owners and owners of trucks having a gross weight of 12,000 or less. The fund will also be funded by 5% of any increase in motor vehicle registration fees. The fund is contingent upon a constitutional amendment authorizing the establishment of the fund and the sources of revenue (Section 43.027).

ANNUAL REGISTRATION FEES - This act modifies the law regarding annual registration fees with respect to passenger motor vehicles by removing all references to horsepower ratings and charging a uniform fee of $29.75. The act also removes references from Sections 301.057 and 301.058 relating to commercial motor vehicles having a gross weight of 12,000 or less, and describes such vehicles as trucks having a gross weight of 12,000 pounds or less and imposes the uniform fee of $29.75 on such vehicles.

REISSUANCE OF LICENSE PLATES - Beginning January 1, 2006, and every 6 years thereafter, the Department of Revenue will issue new license plates. The Department of Revenue may charge a fee, up to $2.25, to cover the cost of reissuance. The fees to cover the cost of reissuance may be assessed every 6 years and may be increased to account for inflation, but shall not be higher than the actual cost of reissuance (Section 301.130).

REPEAL OF MOTOR VEHICLE INSPECTION - This act repeals the motor vehicle inspection requirement for passenger motor vehicles, motorcycles, motortricycles, and trucks having a gross weight of 12,000 or less (Section 307.350).

REDEMPTION OF INSPECTION STICKERS - This act provides that if a constitutional amendment is approved by the voters to establish a separate state highway patrol fund, then official inspection stations shall have only until the beginning of the following fiscal year to seek a refund for any unused inspection stickers (Section 307.365).

HIGHWAY PATROL INSPECTION AUTHORITY - This act authorizes the Highway Patrol to stop motor vehicles and submit to an inspection if the officer determines that the motor vehicle is being operated in an unsafe condition and is an endangerment to the driver and others. The act requires the driver to have the motor vehicle repaired and obtain a safety inspection certificate within 10 days and report such fact to the highway patrol. If the owner or operator of the motor vehicle does not forward a copy of the certificate within 30 days, the Department of Revenue is authorized to suspend the registration of the motor vehicle.

The majority of the provisions of this act are contingent upon voter approval of a constitutional amendment establishing a dedicated funding source for the state highway patrol.