Senator Bland
Bills Sponsored

SB 0678 - Requires charter schools to meet all accreditation standards and requirements
SB 0679 - Establishes planning commission for Kansas City Missouri School District
SB 0680 - Creates the Missouri Commission on Prevention and Management of Obesity
SB 0730 - Requires insurance companies to cover treatment for overweight and obese persons
SB 0731 - Creates a commission to study the death penalty and imposes a temporary moratorium on executions
SB 0732 - Requires the Division of Family Services to provide an annual report on the status of welfare reform in Missouri
SB 0762 - Establishes the "Missouri Universal Health Assurance Program" to provide health care benefits to all MO citizens
SB 0763 - Lowers age for jury duty from 21 to 18; excuses certain students
SB 0764 - Establishes a Needle Exchange Program within the Department of Health
SB 0780 - Exempts food local sales tax and reduces federal income tax deduction, subject to referendum
SB 0781 - Prohibits sale of firearms without a trigger locking device
SB 0782 - Authorizes an appropriation to the MO Housing Development Commission for grants to housing development groups
SB 0789 - Requires racial profiling information for every stop of a motor vehicle
SB 0790 - Establishes the General Assembly Scholarship Program funded by a nonresident earnings tax
SB 0791 - Establishes Pilot Program of Urban Early Compulsory School Attendance
SB 0792 - Prohibits health carriers from changing conditions of its drug formulary during contract period
SB 0793 - Modifies the Grandparents as Foster Parents Program
SB 0794 - School districts may create after-school and summer educational programs for at-risk youth
SB 0835 - Modifies the law relating to the rights of persons with service animals
SB 0852 - Requires insurers to offer optional coverage for weight reduction counseling services
SB 1042 - Dedicates additional revenue to the energy assistance program
SB 1043 - Designates Walt Disney Film Studio as a state historic site
SB 1044 - Requires health insurance policies to provide coverage for 24 hours of inpatient care following surgery
SB 1045 - Authorizes a 2-year tax free zone in Kansas City
SB 1079 - Lowers the maximum penalties consumers must pay for late payments on certain credit transactions
SB 1080 - Creates a braider classification requiring licensing by the Board of Cosmetology
SB 1081 - Establishes the Joint Committee on Health Care Policy and Planning
SB 1082 - Outlines minimum staffing requirements for skilled nursing facilities
SB 1141 - Requires parity between insurance coverage for mental health services and other health care services
SB 1215 - Limits insurers' use of credit in their underwriting process and establishes restrictions on termination of insurance
SB 1216 - Requires persons guilty of boating while intoxicated to complete the SATOP program
SB 1234 - Allows the PSC to consider the ability to pay as factor in setting utility rates and establishes a low-income program
SB 1235 - Allows the PSC to refund ratepayers for unauthorized use charges, penalties & refunds from pipelines after hearing
SB 1244 - Allows the continuation of a newborn hearing screening from a transferring facility to a receiving facility
SB 1252 - Modifies various aspects of the criminal justice system
SB 1278 - First degree and second degree arson shall be class A felonies if perpetrated as a hate crime
SCR 063 - Establishes the Laugh-O-Gram Studio Building in Kansas City as a state historical site
SCR 072 - Establishes a planning commission for the Kansas City School District
SCR 073 - After school activities & summer programs for Public School Systems
SJR 028 - Ratifies the United States Equal Rights Amendment

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