SB 0793 Modifies the Grandparents as Foster Parents Program
LR Number:2932S.01I Fiscal Note:2932-01
Committee:Aging, Families and Mental Health
Last Action:03/19/02 - Hearing Conducted S Aging, Families & Mental Health Journal page:
Effective Date:August 28, 2002
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Current Bill Summary

SB 793 - This act modifies the Grandparents as Foster Parents Program. This bill returns the Program to that which was passed in SB 387 in 1999.

Section 453.325 requires the Division of Family Services to establish the "Grandparents as Foster Parents Program". A grandparent age 50 or over may participate if he or she is the legal guardian of a grandchild and if he or she participates in the training available through the Division. If all requirements are satisfied, the Program will provide the following benefits:

Reimbursement based on the current foster care payment schedule;

Foster parent training, parenting skills training, childhood immunizations, and other similar health screens;

Counseling for the child and the grandparent;

- Support services, including respite care, child care, and transportation;

Medicaid services to the child; and

Ancillary services, such as child care, respite, transportation, clothing allowances, but not direct financial payments to the participants.

Grandparents who are either under 50 years of age or who choose not to participate in the Program may apply to the Division for foster care reimbursement and assistance.