Senator Johnson
Bills Sponsored

HB 1142 - Removes fee for a special permit to move oversized loads and requires the repurchasing of certain farm equipment
HB 1144 - Provides certain consumer protections for home owners against home solicitors
HB 1396 - Revises higher education laws
HB 1443 - Creates several new exemptions; a tax holiday and a Revenue Department Oversight Board
HB 1604 - Authorizes the conveyance of certain state property
SB 0561 - Creates grants for communities with economies dependent on tobacco production
SB 0562 - Includes charter school student performance in school district review
SB 0563 - Modifies provisions regarding basic life insurance and holidays for state employees
SB 0616 - Revises Local Government Employee Retirement provisions
SB 0617 - Modifies Missouri's Uniform Anatomical Gift Act
SB 0746 - Expands the grant of immunity for the donation of fire equipment
SB 0748 - Revises minimum salaries for public school teachers
SB 0788 - Amends "whistleblower" statute for certain employees, and modifies health care licensing and training standards
SB 0904 - Creates the separate office of Recorder of Deeds in third class counties
SB 0946 - Changes required format and fees for items handled by the Recorder of Deeds
SB 0953 - Removes prohibition on collection of "tuition" by the University of Missouri
SB 0957 - Expands ability of Boards to fund sheltered workshops and other services for persons with developmental disabilities
SB 1036 - Authorizes governor and MO Western State College to transfer land to St. Joseph and the Department of Transportation
SJR 037 - Suspends Hancock refunds and transfers to the Department of Transportation for highways or the 15-year plan
SJR 052 - Revises term limits to exclude certain partial terms of service in the General Assembly

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