Senator Staples
Bills Sponsored

HB 1768 - Allows certain county to have full-time prosecutor
HB 1948 - Changes law regarding permits for concrete pump trucks, length limits for dromedary units and auto insurance
SB 0543 - Adds one associate circuit judge in St. Francois County
SB 0544 - Creates a commission to study highway projects and economic development
SB 0545 - Allows Native Americans to acquire specialized license plates
SB 0609 - Increases authorization for county law enforcement sales tax from one-half of one percent to one percent
SB 0610 - Requires that all persons under 21 years of age wear motorcycle helmets
SB 0778 - Reimburses callers for long-distance calls who have reached a state agency's voice mail system
SB 0793 - Allows suspension of a person's driver's license for theft of gas from a gas station
SB 0835 - Permits police officers to enforce seatbelt law if the violation is clearly visible to the officer
SB 0895 - Changes law regarding car window tinting
SB 0937 - Changes the compensation of the advisory committee of acupuncturists
SB 0945 - Exempts subdivisions with lots of 5 acres or more in unincorporated areas from subdivision regulations
SB 1051 - Exempts owners of inoperable motor vehicles or vehicles being stored from maintaining insurance
SCR 022 - Names a section of Route 32 in St. Francois County in honor of former State Representative Bob Ward
SJR 034 - Allows voters by petition to enable an officeholder, otherwise subject to term limits, to become a candidate

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