Senator Jacob
Bills Sponsored

HB 1292 - Makes several changes to insurance law
HB 1568 - Allows tests of certain mothers for syphilis and establishes the Office on Women's Health
HB 1603 - Revises the motor vehicle franchise law
HB 1677 - Amends or creates various domestic violence and criminal reporting laws
HB 1739 - Allows life insurers to invest in federal home loan banks and requires Insurance Dept. to issue life valuation rules
HCR 029 - Denounces the U.S. Department of Energy's decision to route nuclear waste through Missouri on I-70
SB 0796 - Establishes faculty representatives to governing boards of state colleges and universities
SB 0806 - Requires elected sheriffs to become certified peace officers
SB 0807 - Allows insurers to carry forward premium tax credits if those credits were not used in the year accrued
SB 0808 - Sets the reserves that an ins. co. must maintain to ensure that it has the resources to pay future life ins. claims
SB 0825 - Governing boards of state colleges and universities: Revises non-voting representative and confidentiality provisions
SB 0826 - Revises the motor vehicle franchise law
SB 0839 - Creates commission to invest tobacco money for health and education
SB 0840 - Allows insurers to take a tax credit on the taxes they pay on net premiums under the workers' compensation statute
SB 0841 - Restricts trucks to 65 mph on rural interstates and freeways and restricts trucks to the right hand lane
SB 0859 - Beneficiary designations made on or after August 28, 1989 shall be presumed revoked upon divorce
SB 0860 - Prohibits health carriers from retracting their health care services unless their coverage is secondary
SB 0861 - Requires assets not exclusively controlled by an insurer to be held by approved financial institutions
SB 0862 - Modifies amount of bond broker must maintain in order to obtain surplus lines license
SB 0897 - Increases "Bright Flight" scholarship amount
SB 0912 - Requires the Department of Insurance to adopt regulations governing the valuation of life insurance policies
SB 0929 - Repeals sunset clause on law allowing estimation of contingent liab. claims in certain receivership proceedings
SB 0930 - Closes portions of hospital records and meetings in certain situations
SB 0964 - Creates one license for any person who engages in the selling, negotiating and soliciting of insurance
SB 0971 - Establishes public campaign financing for legislative and statewide elected officials
SB 0980 - Extends domestic violence and criminal reporting laws
SB 0981 - Creates the "Video Gaming Machine Network" to generate Revenue for higher education
SB 1016 - Exempts clothing purchased between August 12, 2000 through August 20, 2000 from state and local sales and use taxation
SB 1075 - Denies benefits to anyone unemployed due to a listing on a state disqualification registry
SJR 049 - Tobacco proceeds deposited into permanent trust or refunded to people

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