Senator Childers
Bills Sponsored

HB 0122 - Makes permissive filing state income tax return if not required to file a federal income tax return
HB 0407 - Allows counties to vote on changing classification
HB 0789 - Signatures required to obtain petition audits by the State Auditor
HCR 003 - Authorizes Joint Interim Legislative Committee on Term Limits
SB 0066 - Crime victims immune from civil liability for injuries to perpetrator
SB 0067 - Provides for the election of public service commissioners
SB 0068 - Establishes a tax credit for dry fire hydrants
SB 0107 - Increases income levels to qualify for income tax pension exemption
SB 0108 - Exempts certain political subdivisions from the state prevailing wage
SB 0109 - Establishes a rural housing development program
SB 0125 - Creates Legislative Academy
SB 0126 - Authorizes purchase of hearing aids through the mail without prior fitting
SB 0127 - Requires manufacturers and dealers of manufactured housing to be bonded
SB 0137 - Revises provisions for audits by petition
SB 0138 - Requires physicians to inform breast implantation patients of the risks and advantages of the surgery
SB 0139 - Allows certain county treasurers to keep office during change in classification
SB 0148 - Makes West Plains campus of South West MO State eligible for student aid
SB 0149 - Allows any person replacing stolen license plates to receive at no cost up to two license plates per year
SB 0150 - Exempts from licensure certain homes for the treatment of children with behavioral problems
SB 0151 - Sets clothing allowances for foster children
SB 0152 - Transportation Department must initiate corridor construction within 10 years or dispose of property
SB 0153 - Permits cemeteries to contract with road districts
SB 0154 - Exempts watercraft liveries from liability for the inherent risks arising from paddlesport activities
SB 0201 - Authorizes municipalities to purchase gas for resale
SB 0202 - Revises school term starting date requirements
SB 0206 - Establishes the Mature Worker Child Care Program
SB 0304 - Allows counties to vote on changing classification
SB 0354 - Requires Education Department sponsored professional development events to occur on scheduled days
SB 0481 - Length of certain vehicles
SB 0494 - Authorizes county option sales tax on phosphorus-containing products for wastewater treatment purposes
SB 0507 - Classifies llamas as livestock

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