Senator Kenney
Bills Sponsored

SB 0057 - Phases in full deductibility of federal income taxes paid by individuals
SB 0058 - Phases in full deductibility of federal income taxes for corporations
SB 0059 - Allows certain school districts to make additional transfers of operating funds for capital projects
SB 0098 - Regulates sale of bedding
SB 0099 - Individual/group health insurance policies to provide certain cancer screening exams to nonsymptomatic patients
SB 0100 - Creates crime of identity theft
SB 0164 - Makes driving while revoked a class D felony on a person's third or subsequent conviction
SB 0186 - Requires DESE to provide statewide assessment tests to districts without charge
SB 0187 - Allows children of employees of certain school districts to attend on a tuition basis
SB 0267 - Creates a graduated licensing system in order to obtain a driver's license
SB 0323 - Libraries with internet access must develop policy regarding usage
SB 0367 - Requires those who engage in profession of housemoving to become licensed
SB 0493 - Revises medical record copying fees and repeals section 191.233
SREM 02 - Against the Division of Environmental Health and Epidemiology within the Department of Health

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