Senator Banks
Bills Sponsored

HB 0454 - Modifies cancer information reporting system by requiring compliance with the Cancer Registries Amendment Act of 1992
SB 0007 - Reauthorizes the Comm. on the Special Health, Psychological and Social Needs of Minority Older Individuals
SB 0008 - Establishes public health and awareness programs; requires evaluation of health care inspection procedures
SB 0009 - Prohibits insurance company from using credit history to determine whether to provide, renew or cancel policy
SB 0076 - Limits penalty/interest rate on property tax delinquencies in city of St. Louis to prime rate
SB 0077 - Reduces maximum property tax rate for St. Louis Symphony Orchestra Subdist.; specifies use for Powell Hall renovation
SB 0231 - Requires licensure of persons involved in lead hazard abatement
SB 0232 - Requires the addition of fire sprinklers in certain buildings
SB 0324 - Creates the Shared Care Program for elderly dependents and their families
SB 0379 - Modifies the cancer information reporting system to ensure complete reporting
SB 0490 - Allows cities and counties to enact homestead exemption for senior citizens under a certain income limit
SB 0519 - Requires hepatitis B vaccinations of seventh graders beginning in the 2000-2001 school year
SB 0520 - Allows expungement of certain criminal records
SB 0521 - Extends the Joint Committee on Health Care Policy and Planning
SCR 017 - Relating to Ward Committee representation
SJR 004 - Exempts real and personal property owned by senior citizens from property tax with a replacement tax

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