Senator Russell
Bills Sponsored

HB 0095 - Makes Misuse of Emergency Telephone Service a Class B Misdemeanor
HB 0543 - Revises MOSERS Provisions
SB 0012 - Private Pension Tax Exemption
SB 0013 - Public Assistance Recipients May Be Asked to Take Drug Test
SB 0014 - Corporations Do Not Have To Be Represented By Attorneys In Proceedings Before the AHC
SB 0067 - Allows Transportation Corporations to Enforce Tolls Through Law Enforcement Agencies
SB 0068 - Capital Gains Excluded From Missouri Income Tax
SB 0069 - License Plates: Korean War & WW II Plates Established; Purple Heart Plate Fee Reduced
SB 0081 - Excess Social Security to be Excluded From Missouri Income Tax
SB 0082 - Public School Material Not to Depict Homosexuality
SB 0083 - Division of Family Services to Retain Unsubstantiated Child Abuse Reports For 18 Months
SB 0084 - Women May Be Excused From Jury Duty
SB 0085 - Out-of-State Hunting and Fishing License Fees to be the Same as In-State if a Person Owns 100 Acres or More in MO
SB 0178 - Additional Associate Circuit Judges For Certain Counties
SB 0229 - Raises Compulsory School Attendance Age to 18 Years and Revises Readmission and Reassignment of Suspended Pupils
SB 0230 - Revises Language in MOSERS Retirement Plans
SB 0362 - Revises MOSERS Provisions
SB 0369 - Tattooing of Minors Without Consent a Crime
SB 0376 - Increases Enforcement of Boating Laws on Lake of the Ozarks
SCR 009 - Relating to compensation of state officials

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