Bills Sponsored

SB 0547 - Increases Penalties For Predatory Sexual Offenders
SB 0548 - Reduces the Number of Election Dates
SB 0549 - Notification of Injury Sent in Writing Within 90 Days
SB 0581 - Stops Premature Discharge of Mothers & Infants From Hospital
SB 0582 - Clarifies Rights of Individuals Using Service Dogs
SB 0696 - Requires Disclosure of Info. to Health Care Plan Enrollees
SB 0899 - Limits Financial Restrictions For Mental Health Services
SB 0902 - Ins. Plans to Permit Dermatology Care w/o Gatekeeper Consent
SB 0975 - Provides For Eight Person Juries
SJR 041 - Reduction in Jury Size

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