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Bills Sponsored by Senator Tony Luetkemeyer

SB 754 Modifies provisions relating to public safety
SB 755 Modifies provisions relating to detention on arrest without a warrant
SB 756 Modifies a property tax credit for certain seniors
SB 852 Authorizes sports wagering
SB 853 Modifies provisions relating to statutes of limitations
SB 854 Modifies the operations and procedures of the Missouri Ethics Commission
SB 940 Requires publication of a cost estimate and project completion date for any work on the state highway system at the time bidding for a contract on the work first closes
SB 941 Establishes a statutory cause of action against private contractors for damages arising out of repair or construction of public highways and roads
SB 942 Modifies provisions relating to the selection of Commissioners of the Kansas City Area Transportation Authority
SB 1020 Creates the offense of trafficking a child sex doll
SB 1266 Modifies provisions relating to pretrial witness protection programs
SB 1313 Establishes provisions relating to fraudulent misrepresentation in advertisements of health care practitioners
SB 1350 Prohibits giving preferential treatment or discrimination based upon ESG scores
SB 1351 Modifies and creates new provisions relating to water resources
SB 1352 Modifies provisions relating to commercial transactions
SB 1391 Modifies provisions of the Missouri Empowerment Scholarship Accounts Program
SB 1468 Modifies provisions relating to the condemnation of property
SJR 58 Exempts certain disabled veterans from property taxes
HB 1659 Modifies provisions relating to public safety
HB 2064 Establishes and modifies provisions relating to civil proceedings
HB 2385 Provides that counties and cities shall not enact, maintain, or enforce certain ordinances relating to landlords and tenants
HB 2432 Modifies a property tax credit for certain seniors
HB 2700 Modifies provisions relating to criminal proceedings

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