Sen. Crawford’s Capitol Report, for the Week of Nov. 9

We truly are a blessed nation and have been from our founding. The brave and bold who led the charge for a United States of America understood the price of freedom. They were confident this new republic would stand the test of time, but realized it would not come without sacrifice.

These same founders would be pleased today to say thank you to the many who have persevered to serve and defend our great nation. Young and old alike who stepped forward in a time of need and answered America’s call to defend freedom: a call to liberate and not to take; a call to risk their lives for something greater; a call not to back down in the face of impossible odds.

To these young men and women, we say thank you. We will remember your sacrifices and we will pray for your families. We are forever indebted to your faithful service that allows us to continue to say, God Bless the U.S.A.

Senator Crawford and Abigail Smeltzer (Pettis County)
Abigail was confirmed by the Missouri Senate
as the student representative to the
Truman State University Board of Governors.

Representative Stephens, Justin Brown (Bristol Care),
Michelle Mincks (Blue Castle of the Ozarks), Sen. Crawford,
Josh Williams (Pettis County Assisted Living) and Joyce Furnell (Bristol Care)

Stockton High School students visited the Capitol.

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