Sen. Denny Hoskins Discusses The Impact of the 2018 Election Results

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JEFFERSON CITY — Sen. Denny Hoskins, R-Warrensburg, sends his warm congrats to all of the newly elected officials as well as those who will be returning to work as public servants in the Missouri General Assembly and in the United States Congress during the upcoming year.

“Now that the elections are over, it is time for all of us to come together to put aside our differences and work toward commonsense solutions for all Missourians,” Sen. Hoskins said. “I look forward to continue working with all of my colleagues in the Missouri Senate to make our great state a better place for all Missourians.”

Following Election Day, it is clear that Missouri’s Constitution and its state laws will undergo some substantial changes.

Under Amendment 1, Missourians voted to revise the state’s legislative redistricting process, establish new limits on campaign contributions, prohibit legislators and their employees from serving as lobbyists for at least two years following their service in the Missouri Legislature and also establish a $5 limit on gifts from lobbyists.

In addition, Amendment 4 removes language from the Missouri constitution limiting advertising on bingo games and it allows a member of a licensed organization to manage the bingo games following six months of membership, as opposed to two years of membership, was also passed.

These changes will directly affect the state constitution. The same is true for Amendment 2, which legalizes the use of medical marijuana across the state while imposing a four percent tax on the product.

The taxes generated from Amendment 2 will be used to administer the program, to license/certify and regulate marijuana and marijuana facilities and ultimately provide health care services for military veterans through the Missouri Veterans Commission.

“The funds generated by this tax will be crucial to providing additional support for our state’s veterans,” Sen. Hoskins said. “I have always supported measures that help improve the overall care for those who have served and sacrificed their lives for our country.”

Overwhelmingly, Missourians voted to pass Proposition B. This proposal increases the state’s minimum wage by 85 cents per hour on a yearly basis until the minimum wage reaches $12 in 2023. The passage of this proposition changes state law, and if a technical or small change is needed, it can be done through the Missouri Legislature.

On the other hand, Proposition D was one of the proposals on the ballot that voters did not approve. This proposal aimed to generate funding in order to make Missouri’s roads and bridges safer, as well as secure additional funding for the law enforcement officers that protect and serve on the state’s roads. In order to generate additional funding for Missouri’s infrastructure system, Proposition D called for a two-and-a half cent motor fuel tax increase per year for four years.

“Unfortunately, this proposal did not make it across the finish line, but I am committed to working with my colleagues to find ways to improve funding for Missouri’s roads and bridges,” Sen. Hoskins said.

The proposal was estimated to generate $123 million annually for local governments to be used for road construction and maintenance.

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