Sen. Eric Burlison’s Legislative Column for the Week of April 29, 2019

If you are like me, you have received a “robocall” at some point in the last few years. Most of the time, these phone calls are harmless, but they can easily become serious if the person on the other end wants to steal your private information. Recently, “spoofing” has become the latest attempt from those who want you to pick up your phone and answer a “robocall.” Spoofing occurs when a telemarketer or seller uses another person’s phone number and caller ID in an attempt to get you to pick up the phone, which increases the chance for you to pick up and solicit your time.

I have filed Senate Bill 144 to help combat this startling new trend. Senate Bill 144 adds spoofing as a method of telephone solicitation prohibited under provisions relating to Missouri’s no-call list. This list is put together by the attorney general’s office and prevents individuals on this list from receiving robocalls. This legislation would also protect them from receiving spoofing calls.

Something has to be done to stop spoofing and robocalls, and this legislation will help reduce the number of these unwanted phone calls. Senate Bill 144 was passed by the Senate General Laws Committee, and I’m hopeful it will reach the Senate floor for debate. I look forward to further discussing this important piece of legislation with my colleagues.

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