Sen. Denny Hoskins Encourages City and County Officials to Utilize SEMA Tools and Other Resources

Senator Denny Hoskins Encourages City and County Officials to Utilize SEMA Tools and Other Resources

JEFFERSON CITY — As flood waters continue to devastate the state of Missouri, State Sen. Denny Hoskins, R-Warrensburg, encourages city and county officials of the 21st Senatorial District to utilize the tools and resources available through the State Emergency Management Agency (SEMA). Several communities throughout the 21st Senatorial District are experiencing moderate to major flooding. As a result, city and county officials are encouraged to directly contact SEMA regarding flood assistance and available resources. For a list of SEMA’s statewide regional coordinators and their contact information, please visit SEMA’s website.

“Many of the farms, homes and businesses throughout our communities have been devastated by the rising flood waters along the Missouri River,” said Sen. Hoskins. “As our communities continue to battle Mother Nature and the elements, I urge all city and county officials to directly contact SEMA concerning flood relief and available resources. These disaster experts possess the training and resources needed to help our local officials deal with rising flood waters and address the devastation caused by these dangerous floods.”

One of the many tools available to city and county officials is SEMA’s WebEOC tool. This online tool allows officials to share disaster information and track resource requests during emergencies, disasters and other significant events. Currently, the WebEOC tool is utilized by numerous local and federal government agencies, faith-based volunteer groups, private businesses and many other organizations.

In addition, Sen. Hoskins would like to remind officials that the U.S. Coast Guard has closed the Missouri River to all vessel traffic from St. Louis to Kansas City due to high water levels and dangerous currents. For daily information on flood levels throughout the state, please visit the National Weather Service’s website at

As more information becomes available, please watch for additional updates from Sen. Hoskins’ office.

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