Sen. Brian Williams’ Legislation Concerning Recorders of Deeds Passed by Missouri Senate

JEFFERSON CITY – The Missouri Senate passed legislation regarding the bonding requirements for certain county officials throughout Missouri. Senate Bill 468 states that all recorders of deeds, elected after Jan. 1, 2020, in first, second and third classification counties, will enter into bond with the state for an amount set by the county commission. This amount may not be less than $5,000, which is currently the same amount set for county clerks. Many counties in Missouri already implement this policy, so this legislation would bring all county recorders up to the same standard.

“Senate Bill 468 is important to the recorders of each county in Missouri,” Sen. Williams said. “I am proud to have sponsored this legislation, and I am pleased that my fellow senators supported this important issue.”

Senate Bill 468 has been passed by the Missouri Senate and will now be sent to the Missouri House of Representatives for consideration.

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