Sen. Brian Williams Files Legislation to Support Individuals Battling Sickle Cell Disease

JEFFERSON CITY – On Wednesday, April 17, state Sen. Brian Williams, D-University City, presented Senate Bill 450 to the Missouri Senate Health and Pensions Committee. Senate Bill 450 excludes patients undergoing treatment for sickle cell disease from the initial opioid prescription limits under current law. The limitations on prescribing opioids have caused sickle cell patients to be prescribed medication that does not adequately treat their acute pain.

April 17 was Sickle Cell Advocacy Day at the State Capitol. Senator Williams met with advocates for the disease and discussed important issues facing individuals living with this disease.

“All too often, prescription opioid medication is the only option that will adequately alleviate a patient’s pain as they battle sickle cell disease,” Sen. Williams said. “I certainly support the limitations on prescribing opioids to help battle opioid addiction in our state, but for sickle cell patients, opioids are the best choice for their pain management. I look forward to further discussing this important piece of legislation with my colleagues.”

Senate Bill 450 must be voted on and passed through the Health and Pensions Committee before it can reach the Senate floor for debate.

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