Sen. Brian Williams Files Legislation to Protect Consumers from Misleading Ticket Sale Websites

JEFFERSON CITY – On Wednesday, April 24, state Sen. Brian Williams, D-University City, presented Senate Bill 511 to the Missouri Senate Commerce, Consumer Protection, Energy and the Environment Committee. This legislation deals with ticket sales for performances and events. Under this proposal, SB 511 prohibits resale websites, third party websites or any unauthorized entity from intentionally using the name of the venue, the event or the performer’s name in the website’s URL. This legislation does not apply to individuals who are authorized by the venue to act on its behalf. Senate Bill 511 does not prohibit these resale and third party ticket sale companies from creating a website or selling tickets; however, it places limits on the information they can include in the website’s URL so the consumer is more aware they are purchasing their tickets from a resale website, and not from the venue’s official website.

“Resale websites and third party ticket websites often impose extra fees to raise the price of the ticket,” Sen. Williams said. “These websites can look almost identical to the venue’s official website, so the consumer is sometimes unaware they are buying their ticket on a resale website at an inflated price. I am hopeful that Senate Bill 511 will make it more clear to the consumer what kind of website they are using to purchase their ticket.”

Senate Bill 511 must be voted on and passed by the Commerce, Consumer Protection, Energy and the Environment Committee before it can reach the Senate floor for discussion and debate.

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