Computer Science Legislation Supported by Sen. Doug Libla Signed into Law

Libla - Press Release Banner - 020513JEFFERSON CITY — Today, Governor Mike Parson signed into law legislation intended to attract high paying jobs to Missouri as well as incentivize high school students to take computer science courses.

The legislation, supported and carried in the Missouri Senate by Sen. Doug Libla, R-Poplar Bluff, establishes new computer science standards that include coding and programming along with guidelines designed for K-12 schools.

“Computer science being offered in our schools is so important in preparing our students for the Missouri companies that desire and depend on these skills. Thousands of high-paying jobs are available right now all across Missouri,” Sen. Libla said. “I would like to thank Gov. Parson and the Missouri Legislature for their support of this life-changing legislation.”

This bill will encourage more Missouri students to study computer science by allowing the course to count toward their high school graduation. Computer science job skills are in demand across our state and country. This program will teach our youth the skills they need for the 21st century job market. The bill also creates a certification program for computer science teachers, as well as introduces an online program that showcases STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) careers and their impact on today’s economy.

“My goal in filing this extremely important piece of legislation was to encourage students to take computer science courses as a high school graduating credit,” Sen. Libla said. “Parents want their children to be taught the computer science skills they need for the 21st century job market, and this legislation will open the doors for children all across the state.”

The governor signed the legislation during a ceremony in Poplar Bluff, with Sen. Libla by his side.

Dr. Scott Dill, superintendent of Poplar Bluff said, “The Poplar Bluff R-I School District is honored to host Gov. Parson and Sen. Libla on this auspicious occasion as they sign legislation expanding opportunities for computer science education in the state of Missouri. Through the diligent work of Sen. Libla, our schools will now be afforded the flexibility to offer quality computer science coursework for high school credit.”

The governor also spoke of his eagerness to sign legislation that will benefit students and Missourians for years to come.

“Computer science is a necessary tool for improving our workforce and that’s why we are excited to be in Poplar Bluff today to sign Sen. Libla’s important piece of legislation into law. There is a high demand in Missouri right now for computing jobs and with Sen. Libla’s leadership, we are one step closer to helping our students get the proper training they need to succeed,” Gov. Parson said.