Audio: Sen. Emery Discusses Extra and Veto Sessions

JEFFERSON CITY — State Sen. Ed Emery, R-Lamar, discusses both the extra and the veto sessions, held last week at the Capitol.


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Emery-Podcast-091319  (4:27)  Q: purchase of one.

  1. Senator Emery says no Missouri Senate bills were brought up during the annual veto session, which was held on Sept. 11.
    Emery-1-091319  (:28)  Q: the special session.
  2. Senator Emery adds the First Extraordinary Session of the First Regular Session of the 100th General Assembly started with the filing of a Missouri Senate bill.
    Emery-2-091319  (:30)  Q: the governor’s signature.
  3. Senator Emery also says the old rule helped fleet managers.
    Emery-3-091319  (:30)  Q: could be credited.
  4. Senator Emery says the new law, contained in House Bill 1, will restore the old rule.
    Emery-4-091319  (:30)  Q: purchase of one.