Sherwood Forest Camp Approved for $350,000 in Tax Credits

Romine - Banner - Press Release - 010813Sherwood Forest Camp Approved for $350,000 in Tax Credits

JEFFERSON CITY — State Sen. Gary Romine, R-Farmington, is excited to announce that an organization in the 3rd Senatorial District, Sherwood Forest Camp, has been approved for $350,000 in tax credits from the Missouri Department of Economic Development’s Neighborhood Assistance Program (NAP).  Sherwood Forest Camp provides disadvantaged and at-risk youth from the St. Louis area with programs that promote social, emotional and academic growth, while also cultivating problem solving and conflict resolution skills. The programs are rooted in a summer camp experience, but they also offer support throughout the school year. During the summer months each age group is focused on different areas of learning. The younger campers focus on the basics of camp and develop a love of reading, and the middle school campers explore Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) with a focus on nature and developing leadership skills. The high school campers participate in service projects and focus on developing healthy social and emotional skills, enabling them to become well-rounded adults.

“As a former teacher, I am pleased to hear that the Sherwood Forest Camp has received $350,000 in tax credits from the Neighborhood Assistance Program,” Sen. Romine stated. “It is important to not only prepare our students to succeed in the classroom, but also to equip them with the skills needed to become successful, independent adults. Sherwood Forest Camp is invested in its campers, and I am thrilled that they will be able to further their mission through these tax credits.”

Sherwood Forest Camp will use the NAP tax credits to continue expanding their campsite in Lesterville by building a new 1,180 square foot cabin and a new washhouse.

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