Senator Munzlinger Receives “Legislative Recognition Award”

Senator Munzlinger Receives “Legislative Recognition Award”

JEFFERSON CITY — State Sen. Brian Munzlinger, R-Williamstown, was honored this week by theMissouri Association of Career and Technical Education (ACTE) for his support of teachers and students involved in vocational education.

“This is a highlight of my legislative career,” Sen. Munzlinger said. “I count the passage of this legislation as a great success for my years in the Missouri Legislature, as I am dedicated to improving technical education in Missouri. I want to thank everybody with ACTE for this wonderful award and for the work they do for so many of our students throughout our state.”

One of Sen. Munzlinger’s priority measures this year was Senate Bill 17, which was passed by the Missouri General Assembly on May 17 and signed into law on July 11. This legislation will establish the Career and Technical Education Advisory Council and the Advisory Council on the Education of Gifted and Talented Children. It will also remove the sunset on individuals to obtain teacher certification based on certification by the American Board for Certification of Teacher Excellence. It removes the sunset for the “25 and out” retirement provision for Public Schools Retirement System and extends the sunset on the increase factor for working more than 31 years to July 1, 2014.

“I have shared the frustration many people have expressed to me over the past few years as we watched budgets tighten,” Sen. Munzlinger said. “I challenged myself and my staff to make sure there was a voice for career and technical education. The skills that students are exposed to in these programs benefit their future careers, and teach the students important life skills necessary to succeed. My vision for Senate Bill 17 is to help guide our students as they transition from high school to post-secondary training and throughout their lives.”

Senate Bill 17 will become law on Aug. 28, 2013.