Sen. Jeanie Riddle Applauds the Signing of Senate Bill 843 Into Law

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Senator Jeanie Riddle Applauds the Signing of Senate Bill 843 Into Law

JEFFERSON CITY — State Sen. Jeanie Riddle, R-Callaway County, applauds the former governor for signing Senate Bill 843 into state law. This legislation reforms Missouri’s Boards and Commissions system. Senate Bill 843 implements several of the reforms recommended by last year’s Boards and Commissions Task Force. These changes include eliminating duplicate and outdated groups that no longer meet and reducing the size of many of the state’s boards and commissions.  Many administrative boards are unable to meet due to a lack of a necessary quorum.

“My goal is to create a functioning Boards and Commissions system,” stated Sen. Riddle. “Many of these groups are responsible for overseeing several health and safety aspects affecting our daily lives. However, the current size of many of these boards and commissions make it difficult for these groups to conduct their business, often resulting in unnecessary delays. Through the reforms implemented in Senate Bill 843, I believe several of our state’s boards and commissions will now be able to effectively and efficiently serve all Missourians.”

In addition, the legislation grants appointment authority to several of the department and division directors responsible for boards and commissions that only serve an advisory role. Overall, the legislation reduces the number of gubernatorial appointments by 138.

“By granting additional appointment authority, we will ensure industry leaders retain a voice in the regulation of their specific vocation through an advisory capacity without running into a constitutional conflict,” stated Sen. Riddle. “I believe the reforms implemented in Senate Bill 843 will help create a smaller, more efficient state government.”

Senator Riddle plans to continue her work on this issue during future legislative sessions, while also addressing additional areas of reform cited in the Boards and Commissions Task Force’s report.

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