Audio: Sen. Emery Discusses SB 748 and SB 949

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JEFFERSON CITY — State Sen. Ed Emery, R-Lamar, discusses Senate Bill 748, legislation that seeks to allow courts to depart from a statutorily required minimum prison term when sentencing a defendant, and Senate Bill 949, a measure that would establish a reading intervention program for students in kindergarten to third grade. Both of these proposals were heard in committee last week.


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Emery-Podcast-030118  (4:33)  Q: the 4th grade.

  1. Senator Emery says he believes mandatory, minimum prison sentences remove discretion from Missouri’s courts.
    Emery-1-030118  (:29)  Q: in every situation.
  2. Senator Emery adds there is talk of building two new prisons in Missouri. He says the price tag would be around $500 million.
    Emery-2-030118  (:32)  Q: of those minimums.
  3. Senator Emery also says Mississippi has improved reading proficiency.
    Emery-3-030118  (:31)  Q: mathematics or science.
  4. Senator Emery says reading is essential.
    Emery-4-030118  (:29)  Q: the 4th grade.