Senator Wieland: Governor Calls For Special Session

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JEFFERSON CITY — Today the governor issued a proclamation calling for a special session of the 99th General Assembly to convene on Monday, May 22, at 4 p.m. In accordance with the Missouri Constitution, the Governor specified the matter to be addressed is the need to provide the Public Safety Commission (PSC) with the legislative authority to approve special electricity rates for steel works, aluminum smelting facilities, or other similar facilities, in order to attract new jobs to Missouri.

Senator Paul Wieland, R-Imperial, handled this legislation during the last weeks of regular session. “The Missouri House added these job-producing amendments to my Senate Bill 302,” said the Senator. “After meeting with the House sponsor, I quickly understood the importance of this legislation. I worked with the Conference Committee to keep SB 302 simple, as we only added theses two critical amendments. After being unable to work out a compromise, I worked to break a filibuster during the last days of session, but we ran out of time.”

Special sessions are only called on an extraordinary occasion. “I applaud the Governor and his decision to call this special session. This is a timely issue that will create much-needed jobs in Southeast Missouri.” Senator Wieland continued, “During the first phase, 200 hourly jobs starting at $95,000 as well as 40 salaried jobs at $125,000 a year will be completed. Should the legislation pass, the region is expected to see more than 500 family-sustaining jobs created in an area that lost as many as 900 jobs with the closure of an aluminum smelter two years ago.”

“I was disappointed that such a small group of Senators were unwilling to compromise during regular session,” said the Senator. “The people of Southeast Missouri continue to struggle to find good paying jobs. I for one will fight to help make this opportunity happen.”

The extra session is expected to begin next week, and, although unlikely, can last for 60 days. Please visit Sen. Wieland’s official Missouri Senate website at