Senator Dan Brown’s Legislative Column







At noon on Wednesday, Sept. 13, the Legislature will gather in Jefferson City for the 2017 Veto Session. The governor vetoed five measures passed during the regular session. In order to override a governor’s veto, lawmakers must approve each vetoed bill by a two-thirds vote in order for it to become law. Below is a list of the bills vetoed by the governor during the 2017 legislative session.

Senate Bill 65 – This legislation exempts boats propelled by an outboard jet motor and boats not originally manufactured with adequate guards or railings from state law prohibiting passengers from riding in certain areas of boats.

Senate Bill 128 – This legislation makes several changes to state law regarding criminal offenses, the attorney general’s office, the Department of Revenue, child custody and support, estates and trusts, guardianships, judges, court surcharges, court reporter fees and victims of crime.

House Committee Bill 3 – This legislation authorizes the commissioner of the Office of Administration to make a one-time fund sweep of any unused funds from state agencies and departments. The unused money would go into the Senior Services Protection Fund to help provide in-home and nursing home care for some of the state’s most vulnerable. There are currently about 8,000 low-income, elderly Missourians who will go without nursing care if this legislation is not vetoed.

House Bill 850 – This legislation changes state law regarding military complaints against a commanding officer. Currently, any member of the Missouri National Guard may file a complaint against his or her commanding officer with the governor or the Guard’s adjutant general. The legislation removes the governor from the list and only allows members of the Missouri National Guard to file complaints against a commanding officer with the adjutant general.

House Concurrent Resolution 19 – This resolution authorizes the issuance of public bonds to pay for half of the cost associated with building a new dance and music conservatory for the University of Missouri-Kansas City.

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