Senator Brian Munzlinger Issues Statement on Boards and Commissions Task Force Report

JEFFERSON CITY — State Sen. Brian Munzlinger, R-Williamstown, today issued the following statement concerning the Boards and Commissions Task Force report, which was released Tuesday:

“Earlier this year, the governor created the Boards and Commissions Task Force to help identify those state government entities that are redundant, no longer meeting, increasing bureaucratic red tape, etc. It is part of a larger effort to shrink our bloated state government and make it more efficient.

While I certainly agree that any of our state boards and commissions that have outlived their usefulness or are an unnecessary burden on Missouri taxpayers should be eliminated from statute, as this process moves from recommendations to legislation, I’ll be watching and working hard to ensure that the advice and consent of my Senate colleagues and myself will still play a role in guaranteeing that all Missourians are represented.”