Senate Advances First Priority – Right-to-Work


Senate Advances First Priority – Right-to-Work

Measure Will Lead to Stronger Economic Growth in the Show-Me State

JEFFERSON CITY— For the second time in history, the Senate has advanced legislation that will make the Show-Me State the 28th right-to-work state. Senate Bill 19, which bars forced unionism, passed with an overwhelming majority. Senate Leader Ron Richard, R-Joplin, said this was the first step in fundamentally changing the way Missouri does business and moving the state forward.

“In order for the Show-Me State to be competitive with our surrounding states, we must foster a better environment for our communities, businesses, and Missouri families,” said Richard. “By allowing workers’ choice, we are cultivating a free and fair environment in our state.”

Bill sponsor Sen. Dan Brown, R-Rolla, said after six years of carrying the bill, he is pleased to see it finally become a reality.

“Right-to-work is the single biggest policy that can help protect worker’s freedom to choose whether a union works for them,” said Brown. “Right-to-work laws hold unions more accountable. They encourage unions to work hard to represent the interests of their members. They not only benefit the businesses, but the employees, the employees’ families and even the unions themselves.”

Sen. Brown also said a common misconception is that these laws weaken unions. Instead right-to work, or workers’ choice laws, do not dissolve unions. Research confirms in right-to-work states, unions pay more attention to their members and in many cases, increases participation.

Majority Floor Leader Mike Kehoe, R-Jefferson City, said this isn’t just about keeping jobs in Missouri, but that right-to-work will make the state more attractive to those wishing to start a business as well as those looking to relocate business from other locations.

“Missouri is losing jobs and population to our right-to-work neighboring states,” said Kehoe. “All of the states surrounding Missouri, with the exception of Illinois, have passed right-to-work laws. Studies have shown that right-to-work states have greater economic and wage growth and attract more new businesses. Missouri cannot be left behind any longer. Right-to-work is one of numerous actions the Senate will take this session to transform Missouri’s economy and to facilitate the growth of high-paying jobs across the state.”

The measure will now be sent to the House for consideration. For more on this legislation and others, visit


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