Sen. Dave Schatz’s Weekly Column for Feb. 11

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Last week several legislator’s spouses, including Chara Schatz, volunteered their time with three different Jefferson City agencies. Shown from left (back row) Angela Silvey, Chara Schatz and Allison Onder. Front row, shown from left: Patty Richard, Kathy Romine, Kathy Brown and Claudia Kehoe.

Jefferson City is so busy January through May, we often miss the important efforts happening quietly behind the scenes. This year, the Senate has formed a team of highly qualified volunteers who are offering their time to make the Jefferson City community a little bit better.

Once a month, a bipartisan group of Senate spouses are gathering in the Capitol city to volunteer with different organizations that help people across the community. While their spouses are working on important legislation, they are gathering food and supplies to help those down on their luck become more self-sufficient and independent.

The idea began last fall when some of the Senate spouses got together and decided there were a variety of positive ways they could give back to the community. They initially sought out resources to help the St. Raymond’s Society, and the efforts have since grown.

This month, the group gathered at Dreams to Reality on Jefferson Street to coordinate outfits, clothing and jewelry. The organization supports women in transition by providing interview and work attire so they can be confident and prepared for career and job opportunities. Next stop on the list was packing meals for families at The Pantry. The Pantry is an organization that not only provides food, but volunteers also teach families how to prepare healthy and delicious meals. Lastly, the team made a stop at the St. Raymond’s Society. St. Raymond’s supports mothers who have chosen life for their child. They provide resources to help support the family after the baby is born by helping the mother become self-reliant and having the security of a stable home.

Volunteering is an important part of our lives and for years I have volunteered my time to various youth sports as a coach. My wife, Chara and I have tried to instill the importance of helping others and giving back to our children and grandchildren, and being active volunteers is a vital part of that. Chara enjoyed the day she spent volunteering here in Jefferson City just as much as she does in the 26th District, truly helping groups and organizations who reach to those with the most need.

If you are interested in volunteering I encourage you to reach out the Franklin County Area United Way by calling (636) 239-1018 or visiting them online at

Thank you for reading this weekly column. Please contact my office at (573) 751-3678 if you have any questions.