Sen. Dave Schatz’s Column for March 9

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Thirteen Words: How a Simple Few Terms Can Stop Overbearing Government Regulation

Beating back big government can be as simple as adding 13 words to current law. This week, the Missouri Senate did just that.

Presently, the operator of a motorboat is prohibited from allowing anyone to ride or sit on the gunwales, the decking over the bow, or the top of a seat-back unless the boat has adequate guards or a railing.

Needless to say, when this law was brought to my attention, I was astounded. Why is the government regulating where you can sit on your own fishing boat?

It’s true that good government tries to ensure the safety of as many people as possible. But, there is a line between safety and freedom. To mandate where a person can sit on a private fishing boat is ludicrous! Under that logic, the government should ticket every single person who doesn’t keep their hands at 10 and two o’clock on the steering wheel.

In response to this absurd law, I introduced Senate Bill 65 this session. It exempts motorboats powered by sail or outboard jet motors, as well as those not originally made with adequate guards or railing, from the current law. Senate Bill 65 takes unwanted, unnecessary, and burdensome government out of the lives of Missourians. Once this common sense law is passed by the House and is signed by the governor you can sit wherever you want on your boat without fear of a frivolous ticket.

Senate Bill 65 may seem insignificant, but it is a step in the right direction and another example of the work that the majority is doing in the Missouri Senate. We are rolling back unnecessary and burdensome regulations to make Missouri more free.

In strides big and small, the Senate is moving Missouri forward. We are bringing jobs to our state, and we are making the #MOMiracle a reality.

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