Missouri State Senate Junior Justice Award

I wanted to recognize a high school junior male and female who best exemplify a quote that is inscribed on the wall of the Missouri Senate, “Nothing is politically right which is morally wrong.” So I began the Missouri Junior Justice Award. The students receive a nice certificate and marble paperweight etched with an image of the Missouri Capitol.

To receive the Missouri State Senate Junior Justice Award (to be distributed to two students – one male, one female), the students are chosen from the local school based on the following parameters:

– be currently enrolled in their junior year of high school;

– embody the spirit of civic competence and government awareness , whether by excelling in the area of social studies and history, participating in organizations that promote youth leadership, and/or preparing themselves for 21st century civic life.

Good leaders are a result of being responsible, caring students who have a passion for furthering themselves in every aspect of their lives and thirsting for knowledge about how their lives are involved in the day-to-day democratic process. We want to reward those students for their diligence and civic involvement.

In its first year (school year 2011-2012) there were over fourteen students recognized from the following school districts:

  • Canton R-V
  • Hannibal 60
  • Holliday C-2
  • Louisiana R-II
  • Madison C-3
  • Paris R-II
  • Scotland Co R-I

As participation by schools is voluntary, please encourage your school district to participate. It is important we recognize our young people for good works and deeds that set them on the path of responsible civic duty.

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