The Thin Blue Line


The unrest in this country leading up to the ambush of police officers in Dallas, Valdosta Georgia and other areas around the country have left the nation in a state of shock. These incidents are acts of terrorism, plain and simple; an attack on humanity itself.

Our nation is driven by the hope of fairness, equality and freedom. Our police officers nationwide are sworn to uphold these values within their communities to instill trust among its citizens. We have the responsibility to work together with our local law enforcement agencies to ensure our officers are closely in touch with the areas they serve.

Police officers are held at a much higher standard than the average citizen. They are, after all, here to ‘protect and serve,’ but serving as a police officer requires much more than strapping on a firearm and reporting to work; it is much more than a job, but rather a calling to defend justice and uphold the law.

The position of a law enforcement officer requires the sacrifice of themselves for their community; the courage to face the unknown dangers that lie imbedded in every call to action, as well as the courage to leave their families for every shift with no real promise of their own safety. It also calls for morality, honesty and respect for human rights. When the uniform goes on, they are visible representatives of the security we have come to expect as a nation.

With that being said, we must also realize that a police officer is only human. While we expect a level of professionalism from our law enforcement, it is up to our communities to hold these standards high, to solve any problems within the system and ensure transparency and accountability within the force.

I grew up being taught that the police were our friends, that they were there to help us, and were our first line to call in times of trouble. We need to get back to this standard, support our law enforcement agencies, and hold our officers up in these difficult and turbulent times.

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