The Munzlinger Minutes for the Week of Feb. 29: Letting Union Members Keep More of Their Own Money


A victory for Missouri’s working men and women was won this week with Missouri Senate passage of paycheck protection. House Bill 1891 will result in individual control over how their public labor union dues are spent, and more money in the worker’s pockets. The bill specifies public unions must receive annual consent from employees before using or obtaining any portion of dues. Furthermore, these unions must also maintain financial records identical to those required by federal law for at least five years. Protecting Missourians’ hard-earned money is a priority my colleagues and I share. This is one step in holding unions more accountable for responsibly using members’ money.

I continue to advocate for rural Missouri in the Legislature, this week presenting my Show-Me Rural Jobs Act. This act, Senate Bill 885, will spur economic development and revitalize rural communities. In order to have a vibrant agriculture industry, we must also have vibrant rural communities. This bill will encourage investment in our rural communities, with available tax credits with eligibility requirements. I look forward to advancing this bill through the legislative process.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact my office. Thank you.