Senator Wieland Releases Reasons for Non-Sponsorship of Boyer for Veterans Commission

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IMPERIAL—Today, State Senator Paul Wieland, R-Imperial, explained both his decision not to support Sheriff Oliver “Glenn” Boyer’s nomination to the state’s Veterans Commission and his reason for withholding this information.

State statutes address the proper way for the Governor to fill vacancies and expired terms to the Missouri Veterans Commission. Section 042.0007, 3 states, “The governor shall make appointments to the commission from lists of nominees recommended by each of the statewide veterans’ organizations incorporated in this state, chartered by Congress, or authorized under Title 38, United States Code.”

As Sen. Wieland does with every nominee, he checked to see if the law was being followed and reached out to veterans’ organizations throughout the state. As a result, leaders of various veterans’ organization expressed concern with the Governor continually disregarding this statue. Some of these veteran organizations asked that the senator not sponsor Sheriff Boyer due to the Governor’s improper actions. Out of respect to those veterans and in order to comply with Missouri state law, Senator Wieland declined the Governor’s request to sponsor Sheriff Boyer.

“Over a year ago, just days from the deadline for confirmations, Sheriff Boyer called my office seeking my support. In that conversation, Sheriff Boyer informed me that he did not apply to the Veterans Commission, but that the Governor had called him and asked him to be on it. I then explained to the Sheriff the statute and the concerns of the veterans’ groups,” Senator Wieland said.

As Senator Wieland has previously stated, “This decision is based on factors unrelated to Sheriff Boyer’s qualifications, political party or dedication to serve the veterans of our state.”

The reason to delay this detailed explanation was more personal. At the same time Sheriff Boyer was launching false accusations, the senator’s home was burglarized.

Items stolen included jewelry belonging to Senator Wieland’s wife, including rings belonging to her deceased mother and grandmother. It was the family’s hope that by not responding to the Sheriff’s accusations, they might get a fair investigation with the possibility of retrieving some of the family’s heirlooms.

The family has since learned that Mrs. Wieland’s precious belongings were sold to a “gold dealer” who then melted them down and disposed of the diamonds. Mrs. Wieland is now convinced nothing will be recovered, thus allowing Senator Wieland to fully explain his position.

“It is unfortunate that it has taken this long to clear the air on this,” Senator Wieland stated. “If there was any chance that my silence would have enhanced the possibility that my wife Terri might have retrieved even one item of sentimental value, it was worth it.”

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