Senator Schaaf: Lawsuit Proves Need for Senate Joint Resolution 1

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JEFFERSON CITY — Today Sen. Rob Schaaf, R-St. Joseph, spoke out about the need to protect Missouri’s new contribution limits from legal challenge.

Last week Sen. Schaaf introduced Senate Joint Resolution 1, a bill proposing a constitutional amendment that would make changes to the new contribution limits approved by voters Nov. 8. If approved by the Legislature and then by the voters, the new amendment would make changes designed to ensure that the limits are neither circumvented by donors nor struck down by the courts.

This morning news broke that Missouri Electric Cooperatives and Legends Bank are challenging the new limits in federal court, asking judges to strike them down.

Responding to the news, Sen. Schaaf said, “Missourians approved the new contribution limits on Nov. 8 by a 40-point margin. We in the Legislature now have a duty to make sure that these limits are neither circumvented nor struck down. Senate Joint Resolution 1 would give voters an opportunity to make the necessary changes, holding to the intent of the approved limits as closely as possible without running afoul of established jurisprudence.”

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