Senator Nasheed Makes Statement on the Anniversary of the Death of Michael Brown

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Senator Nasheed Makes Statement on the Anniversary of the Death of Michael Brown

On this day, the two-year anniversary of the untimely and tragic death of Michael Brown, Sen. Nasheed again expressed her heartfelt condolences to his parents and family. She also thanked his mother, Ms. Lezley McSpadden, for the compelling and compassionate testimony she gave before a Senate committee this past session in support of body camera legislation Sen. Nasheed sponsored.

Michael Brown’s death sparked a movement. The loss of his life caused Missourians – and people throughout the nation – to focus on the tension between the African-American community and law enforcement and in general, the fairness of our criminal justice system.

“Today, as we mourn the passing of Michael Brown, let us take steps to make sure that this young man did not die in vain. We must commit ourselves to ensuring our American justice system will be fair and impartial for every citizen,” said Sen. Nasheed.

“I am proud to say that with hard work and bipartisan commitment, my colleagues and I passed House Bill 2332, which changes the standards for police use of deadly force, and brings the law in compliance with the Supreme Court ruling of Tennessee vs. Garner,” Sen. Nasheed said. “Next year, I hope to pass legislation to help rebuild relationships with communities and law enforcement and push for transparency and accountability in the justice system.

“There is a petition drive in place at this time to require body cameras for officers in the City of St. Louis. I believe this will increase law enforcement accountability to the community, limit police use of excessive force, as well as frivolous complaints against officers, while also reducing the likelihood for future tragedies in our communities.”