Senator Mike Parson Renounces Tactics of Activists Provoking Violence against Law Enforcement

Parson - Press Release - 040616

Senator Mike Parson Renounces Tactics of Activists Provoking Violence against Law Enforcement

Today, State Senator Mike Parson called on all Missouri leaders to renounce the growing movement of activists provoking violence under the guise of an allegedly “peaceful” protest.

 “Enough is enough.  We must come together, not let activists use racially-charged words and phrases to divide us,” said Parson.

 Parson, a former Sheriff of Polk County in southwest Missouri, further condemned any violence done in the name of any activist movement. “During my time as Sheriff, I lost an officer in the line of duty, and another was fortunate to survive being shot six times,” said Senator Parson. “My brother-in law lost his life while on duty. These acts of violence, specifically targeting those in uniform, hit very close to home,” said Parson.

“Our founders established this great democracy as a nation of laws, ensuring the preservation of freedom for all Americans regardless of their backgrounds. Under these activists, we are seeing that respect for the rule of law and the peace and freedom it provides all of us slip away. Under the guise of ‘protests’ we are allowing unlawful activities, including property destruction, blocking traffic, and the assault and killing of law enforcement officers,” said Mike Parson. 

“Protests are only ‘peaceful’ when the law is followed. We must stop allowing assaults and killing of law enforcement officers in the name of protesting. The criminal element is emboldened if we are lax or selectively enforce the law. A subculture is being created wherein some now believe that the killing of police officers is justifiable retribution for perceived injustices. We must make it clear that this senseless killing will not be tolerated. We must send a message that this ends today. All lives matter, as is guaranteed in the Constitution and protected by respecting the rule of law.”

Mike Parson was the Sheriff of Polk County from 1993 to 2004 and a military policeman in the U.S. Army.