Senator Gary Romine to Fight Transparency in ASARCO Settlement Land Acquisition

Romine - Banner - Press Release - 010813
JEFFERSON CITY—Senator Gary Romine, R-Farmington, is standing firmly against the decision by the governor’s office to move forward with the purchase of the Frederick Creek Ranch in Oregon County with monies from the ASARCO settlement.

“It is my understanding that the purchase has been made and is waiting to be recorded. I am disappointed and dismayed that the governor would ignore the will of the people most affected by the legacy of mining in my district and the will of the citizens of Oregon County to purchase land with the money from the ASARCO settlement in an area never affected by mining activities,” said Sen. Romine. “The citizens of my district deserve better. There are worthy projects in the vicinity of the damaged area that could have used this money. Now, we must work toward a solution to curb this blatant abuse of executive power.”

Romine said that the will of his constituents will not be ignored. He will be filing legislation to address the issue in the coming weeks, and he plans to use the Lead Industry Task Force, which he chairs, to bring the decision making process of the Natural Resource Damages Board of Trustees to light.

“We must not let this abuse of power continue,” Romine said. “Money set aside for a certain area should be spent in that area, and the only way that will occur is to ensure that the process is transparent throughout the whole process.”