Senator Dan Brown’s Legislative Column for the Week of April 11: Education and the Armed Forces


Education and the Armed Forces

This week the Senate passed legislation to make it more affordable for members of our armed services to attend public universities or colleges in Missouri. Senate Bill 968 would allow current members of the National Guard and reservists of the armed forces to receive in-state residency status for the purposes of tuition at higher education institutions. The change further supports those who protect our country at home and abroad.

The bill would also reauthorize the Wartime Survivors Grant, which provides financial aid for higher education to the spouses and children of wartime veterans.

Education has always been a priority of mine, as well as my fellow lawmakers. Senate Bill 968 would ensure both veterans and certain family members will have an opportunity for higher education in our state. These men and women have dedicated their service to our nation. Helping them to reach their higher education goals would be beneficial for everyone involved.

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