Senator Brian Munzlinger Reminds Constituents This Is “National Teach Ag Day”

Munzlinger - Press Release Banner - 072512

JEFFERSON CITY — State Sen. Brian Munzlinger, R-Williamstown, wishes to let people know today (Sept. 22) is “National Teach Ag Day,” which is a day meant to celebrate school-based agricultural education.

“This is a very important day, when it comes to the future of farming in our state,” Sen. Munzlinger said. “Agriculture remains our No. 1 industry, and we have seen too many of our younger people step away from the family farm and not come back. Part of my work in the Legislature has been to find ways to keep the next generation of farmer interested and eager to continue to feed the world.”

“National Teach Ag Day” is meant to encourage agricultural education advocates, especially current agricultural educators to share with others the great career opportunities in agricultural education.

The day is for anyone who wants to celebrate school-based agricultural education, share the story of agricultural education’s importance and effectiveness in the United States and encourage students to consider careers as agricultural educators. Anyone who wants to participate can find a variety of resources to help them talk about agricultural education at

“I encourage our schools and all of our wonderful teachers in the 18th Senatorial District to take time to share the story of agriculture today,” Sen. Munzlinger said. “You would be amazed at how many people know farming life and how rewarding it can be. Agriculture remains vitally important to a growing world. In fact, agriculture may be one of the most technology-driven industries in the future.”