Sen. Onder and Rep. Wiemann File Government Union Legislation

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JEFFERSON CITY- Sen. Bob Onder and Rep. John Wiemann are joining forces in the upcoming legislative session to champion government union reform.

Onder and Wiemann’s legislation will rein in the power of government unions by giving members more power to decide who best represents their interest.  The legislation also includes transparency requirements giving Missouri taxpayers greater access to government union information.

“Government union reform is essential to safeguarding the rights and financial futures of our valued public employees, as well as protecting taxpayers.  That is why we are committed to making the Government Union Reform Act a reality in 2017,” Onder said.

“Government unions need to be held accountable to their members and most importantly to the taxpayers of Missouri. This reform legislation gives government union members a regular say on who represents their interest and transparency requirements so taxpayers can also hold government unions accountable.  I am looking forward to working with my colleagues in the House again as we move this legislation through the state legislature,” Wiemann said.