Sen. Gary Romine’s Capitol Update: Fighting for Our Constituency

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Whether we are lending our support to a local cause, advocating on behalf of our constituents or patiently listening to a concerned citizen, much of the work my staff and I do takes place outside of the Senate chamber. An inordinate amount of our time has been spent helping constituents stand up to state bureaucracy that refuses to compromise or accept the realistic limitations of local communities and the average taxpayer.

I have heard from a wide variety of people doing business and residing in my district; a housing subdivision, daycare, auto repair service station, farm, and others.  Their concerns illuminate how our state government has become a dysfunctional, disconnected bureaucracy that refuses to listen or relinquish any degree of power, far too often at the expense of its citizens and common sense.

I am afraid Missouri is becoming an extension of the federal government. The questions that matter now is can we take our state back to a place where sense and reason govern our decision-making? Can we get back to a state government that doesn’t treat our citizens and their livelihoods as an afterthought? I believe we can, but we will have to work together within our communities, and we will have to make sure our voices are the ones being heard. For my part, I will continue fighting to protect your small businesses, your best interests and your rights.

Very briefly, I want to mention the DNR Land and Cash Grab Rally I attended at Nelson’s Music City earlier this month. I was grateful to be a part of this historic event that brought together property owners, advocates and local politicians to discuss the ASARCO settlement funds and what we can do as a community to control state and federal overreach. As citizens and stewards of the land, it is vital we continue taking an active interest in protecting our property rights for the sake of our future generations.

Finally, I was happy to welcome the following individuals and groups from the 3rd Senate District: Jon Cozean and John Moore with the Missouri Funeral Directors and Embalmers Association; Nathan Werremeyer, of Farmington; Greg Kester and Juniors and Seniors from Potosi High School; Steven Brewer, Cathy Poole and Keri McCrarey from East Missouri Action Agency; Jefferson County Recorder Debbie Dunnegan-Waters and her husband, Ken Waters; Jim Hamblin, of Farmington; MoDOT District Engineer Mark Shelton; David and Barb Kentch, of Festus; and Nathan Null, of Festus.

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